Carousel Horses on the Loose Bed Tray

original art print, gliiter, and film on bamboo tray
20″ x 12″ x 9″


Newly-appointed “Buddies Official Merch Bitches” Trixie & Beever believe in glitter, colour, and a strange mix of irony and affection for pop culture. Together they have created installations, performances, mixed-media pieces and a couple of messy studio floors. 

Beever has begun painting solo again with Original Covers, using existing art/decor as a base for additions and absurd juxtapositions, and this work has crept into influences the other things they make.

Trixie & Beever work together in their downtown Glitter Garage studio, on these projects as well as their line of handmade fashion and home decor accessories, BBJ.

artwork courtesy of the artist