Ghent Scarf

screenprint on nylon fabric
30″ x 30″
edition 348 of 500

Estimate $1,665

General Idea formed in 1967 in Toronto and over the next nearly 30 years, the trio made a remarkable contribution to post-modern art. With their subversive approach and interest in parody and appropriation, General Idea addressed a broad range of social and art-world issues including consumerism, media consumption, the cult of the artist and AIDS.

‘Ghent Flag’ was created in 1984 to coincide with a General Idea exhibition at the Museum Van Hedendaagse Kunst, Gent. The boxed work contains their version of the city of Ghent’s flag. However they replaced the lion with a poodle, a recurrent symbol in General Idea’s practice that is both cute and subversive.

artwork courtesy of Caviar20