Barracks Interlude #1

graphite, china marker, watercolour, and ink on paper
22″ x 30″

Estimate $2,400

Andy Fabo is a Toronto artist, art critic, curator and art educator. He has exhibited nationally and internationally, with a retrospective at the Canadian Museum of Contemporary Canadian Art in 2005.  He has published essays and reviews in Canadian periodicals (Descant, Parachute, C Magazine, Fuse) as well as numerous exhibition catalogues, and has taught fulltime and part time at various universities, including McMaster, Brock, York and University of Toronto, and at the Toronto School of Art. His paintings and drawings are in museum collections across Canada and his videos (collaboration with Michael Balser) have shown globally and are in North America and Europe collections. He is a pioneer of Queer art in Canada, and two of his exhibitions – “Studs” (A Space in Toronto1979), and  “Self-Portraits of an Alleged Keeper of a Common Bawdy House” (The Funnel, Toronto 1980) – were landmark exhibitions for LGBTQ activism.

artwork courtesy of the artist