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The Artist Limited Edition Prints have been a favourite at ArtAttack! since it was introduced in 2013. Each year, Buddies commissions an artist for an original work, available only through ArtAttack!. All proceeds go to support artistic and community programs at Buddies. This year's selection is from Toronto-based artist Jessica Thalmann.

 Her bold use of colour, texture, shadow, and geometric design in Reflections (Highway 407) invite the viewer to imagine images that lay behind folds of paper, hidden from view. 

You can have your Limited Edition Print framed for $205. Akasha Art Projects will prepare the piece in a white gallery frame, art floating organically on white acid-free backer board behind conservation clear glass with 99%UV protection.

If you would like to order a copy of the 2022 ArtAttack Limited Edition Print, please contact

Framed or unframed prints can be picked up at Buddies. Unframed prints can be mailed within Canada for a nominal fee. For inquiries about mailing, please contact

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