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Pillow Harness

Pillow Harness

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Maxwell Prince
Pillow Harness

Courtesy of the artist

This harness has extra long straps to wrap around thick columns. Fits up to ~35".

"In the spirit of self-isolation and quarantine, I pulled together something that I've been thinking about for a while - a pillow harness! Or, at least, it started as a pillow harness, until I realized its versatility. Chairs, bed frames, a body - just use your imagination!"

Maxwell Prince (he/him/his) is a transmasc nonbinary leather worker based out of Tkaronto/Toronto. He enjoys making leather things (mostly kinky leather things) that he thinks are neat, pretty, useful, or hot. After working in fashion for most of the 2010s, he shifted his focus to leather when he gained access to tools while working in a Goth clothing store. Maxwell is inspired by sex, Satan, queerness, and a Mad Max post-apocalyptic future where everyone wears BDSM gear 24/7.
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