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Lone Son

Lone Son

Andrew Zealley
2013, Treated Photography
Edition of 5 (unnumbered)
Estimate $1250

Artwork courtesy of the artist

Lone Son is one in a seven-part series of treated, performative photographic works titled Safe & Sound. This series examines objects of the artist’s relational healing practice, each wrapped in a condom as a response to issues of research ethics and safety. In Lone Son, Zealley reflects on his identity as a queer individual and only-son in non-reproductive mode. Lone Son nips family lineage in the bud, so to speak. Upon deeper reflection, what does it mean to contain the sun/son’s energy through wrapping? How does Lone Son converse with biopolitical gestures of production and control?

Based in Toronto, artist and activist Andrew Zealley has been responding, through cultural production, to issues of HIV and AIDS, the queer body, and pleasure for over thirty years. Rooted in processes of sound, music, and listening, Zealley’s practice moves through various media such as music, bookmaking, video, photography, performance, installation, and public sex.

Zealley's work has been exhibited nationally and internationally. His sound installation, Nature: This Is A Recording, is housed in the permanent collection of the National Gallery of Canada (Ottawa). He holds an MFA from OCAD University, and a Ph.D. from the Faculty of Environment and Urban Change (York University). His forthcoming two vinyl phonograph records, METHODOLOGY LP and METHODOLOGY EP, explore chemsex practices in Toronto's gay-, queer-, and trans-identified male sexual community.

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