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Jewelry by Jai Crystal Jewels

Jewelry by Jai Crystal Jewels

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Jai Crystal Jewels
Red Druzy Agate Pendant
Abelone Pendant
Wire-Wrapped Green Garden Quartz Pendant
Natural Opal Pendant set in Mermaid Tail

Courtesy of the artist

Jai is a non-binary artist from Toronto Canada. Jai sought out the natural healing and beauty of crystals, as a way of dealing with the chaos and trauma in their life. A desire to share and showcase these wonders from the earth led Jai to begin wire-wrapping crystals into jewelry. Jai also creates stunning one-of-a kind resin and crystal wall art geodes and resin memorial art work treasures, by custom order only. Whether it's a unique crystal geode display piece or a vibrant piece of handmade jewelry, Jai imbues everything with love, intention and positive healing energy. A firm believer in karma and paying it forward, Jai donates materials and time to other artists looking to learn and develop their own skills.

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