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Glowing Palm

Glowing Palm

Tessar Lo
2017, Mixed Media on Wood Solid Support
Estimate $1050

Artwork courtesy of the artist

Tessar Lo is a Toronto-based artist and instructor.
Lo began his formal arts education at Cardinal Carter Academy for the Arts, Toronto (2003), he continued into and graduated the Illustration Program at Sheridan College, Oakville (BAA 2007). Lo has participated in exhibitions in Paris, Amsterdam, Hong Kong, Barcelona, Tokyo; and in the United States in Los Angeles, San Francisco, Miami, New York, Seattle, and Philadelphia. He has participated in museum exhibitions and programs at the Japanese American National Museum in Los Angeles as well as the Gardiner Museum, Art Gallery of Ontario, and The Power Plant Contemporary Art Gallery.
He has had prolonged stints working in New York, Los Angeles, and various parts of Asia. Lo shows with Jaski Art Gallery, Amsterdam and River Art Gallery, Taichung.

Curated by Malik McKoy

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