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Another Way

Another Way

Manny Trinh
2019, Acrylic on Canadian Vintage Passport
Original from an ongoing series
Estimate $425

Artwork courtesy of the artist
Framing courtesy of Akasha Art Projects

Manny Trinh (born 1974 in Saigon City, Vietnam) immigrated to Canada when he was 11 years old. He is a painter and visual artist. 
Trinh’s practice explores the nuances of contradiction. His vivid impressions of the human landscape of his homeland — dense yet sprawling, chaotic with an underlying order, decaying but full of life and growth — have become major influences on his work.
From engaging with a bright, complementary, almost fauvist or pop colour palette to experiments in greyscale and monochrome, Manny focuses on the entanglement of fantasy and reality; encapsulating a recognizable human core within surreal technology and splintered mechanical landscapes. 
The various techniques Trinh employs in wet and dry brushwork found in his acrylic, watercolour and gouache paintings are studies probing the surface and texture of our dichotomous environments, acknowledging generations of cultural evolution. 
His work can be found at Wall Space Gallery and the Art Gallery of Hamilton.
Manny Trinh lives and works in Toronto, Canada.

About the piece:
"My passport series is inspired by the idea of someone migrating from one place to another in search of a better life. In order to express myself as someone who was in this position, I incorporated Canadian passport pages into my work as part of my art. A passport to me is something that represents a "golden ticket" for a better life.The painting represents a stamp of ownership over the passport,  which provides a sense of acceptance."

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