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Anal Staircase

Anal Staircase

Peter Hobbs
2022, pencil, watercolour, gel marker
Estimate $800

Artwork courtesy of the artist
Framing courtesy of Akasha Art Projects 

Peter Hobbs is a Toronto-based artist who has exhibited in solo and group shows, both nationally and internationally. His work has taken a variety of forms, including naked group performances and ecological comic books. As a long-time advocate of the feminist tenet that the personal is political, he consistently makes art in which his queer sexuality is staged to underscore that pleasure, vulnerability, and risk are not only intrinsic to being human, but they also can be used to pursue a creative mode of self and communal care. His obsession with anal staircases is very much in the spirit of Paul Preciado’s queer declaration that we are all anal workers engage in an anal communism.
For more fleshy details see his website:

Curated by Andrew Zealley

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