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Amanda Lederle Stationery

Amanda Lederle Stationery

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Amanda Lederle and CreateBeing
Assorted stationery items:
"I am Enough" and CreateBeing Stickers
"Inside My Heart" Greeting Card
"Check List" Greeting Card
"Creativity is the Process" Postcard
Space Party Pencil Case
High Hopes Pencil Case
"You are where you are..." Notebook
"Just Be" Notebook

Courtesy of the artist

Amanda Lederle (they/them) is a neurodiverse, queer, Chinese-Canadian based in Toronto. Their mental health journey has influenced their drive to destigmatize mental illness and support creative expression. Amanda’s artistic practices include their vibrant paintings of footwear and black and white ink drawings series, Emotional Maps, through which they explore self-expression and human connection. Amanda’s work has been shown in group exhibitions, publications and has been invited to lead workshops and artist talks. They created their first mural with STEPS Initiative's CreateSpace Public Art Residency and is featured at the Art Gallery of Ontario as one Workman Arts’ artists taking up themes of mental health awareness and advocacy in galleries and museums. See more of Amanda’s work on Instagram @amandalederle.

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